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Saturday, January 29, 2011

ABS-CBN Foundation breaks Guinness World Record with Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig Run

by Manila Santos | January 28, 2011 11:11 PM | Share this article

After more than 22 years, the Guinness World Record for most number of participants in a racing event has finally been broken by ABS-CBN Foundation’s Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig run held in October 10 last year with 116,086 runners registered. The record was previously held by the Bay to Breakers event held in San Francisco in 1988. The 10.10.10 run was organized to raise consciousness for the rehabilitation of the river and its tributaries. Proceeds from the run were used to rehabilitate Estero de San Miguel, one of the five tributaries behind Malacanang that flow into the Pasig River.

ABS-CBN Managing Director Gina Lopez talked about an even bigger goal for this year’s biggest eco-foot race which will be called Run for the Pasig River 11.20.2011. “We want the run every year to be a celebration of joy. We need to break the world record every year. For a country that has been colonized for 400 years, to do this run in magnificence and peace is a great achievement. If we are to do the run again and again, this will be a major force in making the river clean. We got the military, the police, the church, and students involved. It is such an amazing story and I think that is the beauty of it,” she said during the media lunch held last January 28 at the ABS-CBN Foundation building. 

The luncheon was hosted by Juddah Paolo who was part of last year’s event and will continue to be the host for the pre-event and post-event show this coming November. “Last year’s experience was amazing. It was painstaking also for everyone. I was going to all the different schools and giving talks about it. This year, I’ll still be going back to the schools. I told the students I’ll be back every year to give talks. I came to the Philippines with one thing on my mind and it’s to really see the country to its fullest potential and cleaning the river is really one of the steps to start doing it and then after that, we can clean up the streets and the air and this country will be phenomenal. I hope people find it in their hearts to really help the country first before everything else. This country, once it booms, everything will be well,” he shared with

One of last year’s race directors was Rio Dela Cruz, who is also one of the more familiar faces in the Philippine running scene. He is known to be part of the reason why celebrities like Piolo Pascual and Karylle are in good running form. The running coach slash commercial model said that while he is currently busy preparing for the 42k Paris Marathon which will be held in April, he will make sure to invite his celebrity clients and friends to the Run for the Pasig River event this coming November. 

Even Gina Lopez implored celebrities to participate and help their cause. “We are a celebrity-struck country. The people idolize celebrities. Whatever the celebrities do, they follow. So if celebrities take the lead and run for the Pasig River, then everyone else will follow. It’s a way to shift mass consciousness. So you people out there whom the people idolize. You people with fans. You owe it to the country to bring your fan base and all the people who idolize you to the path of cleaning our river. If you do this, you can make a difference and we will give your fans and the children of your fans a much, much brighter future. We can do it if we work together,” she said.

The staunch advocate for Pasig River also urged everyone to take a stand and join the run. “Kung lahat ng tao nagkakaisa, nothing is impossible. It’s good for health. We’re stopping all the cars so you wont be near pollution. Come with us. There is nothing in the world that can stand in the face of people united by a noble cause. Kayang-kaya natin itong lahat. Mabuhay kayo,” she said.

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