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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TV Patrol revamped [FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo]

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Effective Nov. 8, TV Patrol (minus World) will be anchored by (from left) Noli ‘Kabayan’ de Castro, Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon

A merry-go-round is going on between ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol World, the early-evening newscast, and Bandila, the late-night newscast.

Oops! Correction, please. I’m sure that it’s not at all “merry” for some of those involved, so should we call it a “messy-go-round” instead? “Messy” in the sense that, even if they don’t like it, the “un-merry” ones will have to accept their fate --- unless, which is very unlikely at this point, they seek greener pastures somewhere else (there are two choices).

Effective this coming Monday, Nov. 8, Korina Sanchez and former Vice Pres. Noli “Kabayan” de Castro will co-anchorTV Patrol (minus “World”), now into its 24th year, with Ted Failon whose two co-anchors, Karen Davila and Julius Babao will be “kicked upward” to co-anchor Bandila with Ces Oreña-Drilon whose co-anchor, Henry Omaga-Diaz, will go back to being a field correspondent.

But there’s a little hitch: As of this writing, Karen has reportedly not said yes yet. Otherwise, if the network agrees, Karen might host a new late-afternoon (pre-newscast) show similar to Hoy Gising! which was hosted by Ted. Funfare texted Karen for comment but she didn’t text back. Julius also “cannot be reached (Funfare learned that he’s abroad, presumably waiting for the Cherry Blossoms to come out, with wife Tintin Bersola, their two kids and the kids’ yayas).

Korina will continue hosting her Sunday magazine show Rated-K but will not return to her dzMM program with Ted who now has Pinky Webb as co-host, thus it has been renamed Tambalang Failon at Webb (fromTambalang Failon at Sanchez). Kabayan Noli will go on with his morning (Monday thru Friday) program also on dzMM which he was resumed two months ago, more than two months after he finished his term as vice president. Julius and Tintin will remain as hosts of their Saturday-morning program, also on dzMM, the same day Henry has his own program with Niña Corpuz.

Ces Oreña-Drilon (top, left) remains as host of Bandila with Karen Davila (top, right) and Julius Babao (above, left) as probable co-host. Bandila co-host Henry Omaga-Diaz (above, right) will go back to being field correspondent.
Among the hosts, Ted is the most senior and the one who has been serving the network the longest, 27 years, followed by Korina, 24 years. Karen is a recruit from GMA.

The big revamp comes two weeks before Maria Ressa goes on terminal leave as head of the network’s News & Current Affairs Division (Maria’s contract expires in January 2011 yet) and she has been replaced by Ging Reyes (transplanted to Manila from the States where she served as North America News Bureau Chief of ABS-CBN).

It’s common knowledge that Maria and Korina don’t see eye-to-eye. As per network policy, Korina went on leave when her husband, former senator Mar Roxas, ran for vice president in last May’s elections. (Pinky Webb skirted the policy by breaking up with boyfriend Edu Manzano as soon as Edu filed his certificate of candidacy for vice president. It seems that they have reconciled after the May 10 elections.)

Did Maria’s departure hasten the revamp?

“Maybe it did, but I’m not sure,” said Funfare’s VDPA (Very Deep Penetration Agent) embedded in the network’s newsroom. “What I know is that Maria resisted the return of not only Korina but also Noli. In fact, Maria even said at a presscon before the elections that Korina’s vacation was good for one year.”

Has former ABS-CBN talent Willie Revillame’s TV5 show Willing-Willie anything to do with the “reinforcement” of TV PatrolWilling-Willie’s timeslot, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday, and 5 to 7 p.m. Saturdays, is set right smack on the ABS-CBN (and GMA) newscasts.

“No,” said the VDPA. “If you noticed, months back, even before the problem between Willie and ABS-CBN cropped up, TV Patrol World(and GMA’s 24 Oras) would go overtime, going beyond 8 p.m. if the load is heavy.”

As for comment, Korina texted the following message to Funfare:

The news came as a surprise. There had always been rumors about this but none taken seriously. More surprising is how fast this is happening. People around me say, “Finally.” But, you know, I’ve tried to roll with all the punches and reinvent myself as many times as I thought it necessary. It is always best not to allow yourself to be defined by a single show, you know. Each of us is so much more than that. But it is true that my heart is full.

I come back to my core, my first love with a deeper, wider understanding of how it will work, how people are affected by what others do or do not do. Under my belt is something I never would have had 10, five years or even a year ago. My heart is full coming back with people I started and grew with. People who among ourselves have mutual respect. Lahat kami totoong nasa puso ang trabaho at serbisyo sa tao at sa masa.

Si Willie R kaibigan ko at mahal ko. Alam niya na sa pagitan namin wala itong kasamang kumpetisyon. Nagkataon lang na pareho ang timeslot namin sa ngayon.

Interesting times, right?

Meanwhile, tutok lang kayo sa mga nagbabagang balita.


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