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Monday, September 27, 2010

FUNFARE EXCLUSIVE: Charice full of 'Glee'

Charice full of 'Glee'
 FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo (The Philippine Star) September 27, 2010 

Now it can be told: According to Funfare’s L.A. VDPA (Very Deep Penetration Agent), the cast of Glee including Lea Michele who plays the lead character Rachel and Cory Monteith who plays Rachel’s boyfriend Finn Hudson, reviewed Charice’s YouTube appearance before the premier episode of the show’s second season was shot.
“They wanted to study Charice and how she performs,” said the VDPA. “They probably wanted to observe Charice’s vocal range.”

Still, they as well as audiences presumably around the world, especially Filipinos, were visibly stunned by Charice’s performance aired on Jack TV last Wednesday, Sept. 22, in which Charice sang in two of the three scenes she appeared in as Sunshine Corazon, the nerdy Filipino exchange student --- Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Telephone in the Ladies Room scene with Lea and Beyonce’s Listen in the audition scene.

The VDPA, who was on the set, recalled Charice’s first shooting day when she met Amber Riley who plays Mercedes Jones. The exchange between Charice and Amber went this way:
Amber: “OMG, you are here! I feel so blessed, I feel so blessed that I will work with you!”
Charice: “No, thank you. You know what? I feel more blessed that I am here, that I am going to work with you.”

Amber (Complete with elaborate hand gesture): “I’m more, more, more, more blessed!”

Of course, Charice must have been flattered that she’s finally in the same show as Kevin McHale who plays the wheelchair-bound character Artie Abrams. “He’s my favorite,” said Charice of Kevin in a previous interview.
People have been asking if Charice was appearing only in the premier episode. No. Charice is appearing in the whole second season. In the first episode, she auditioned to be a member of New Directions but she ended up in the rival group. Do stay tuned every Wednesday, same time (4 p.m., with a replay at 9 p.m.) also on Jack TV.

Joining colleagues singing praises for Charice are the artists who competed in the World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood, California --- Junior World Champion Performer of 2009 Rhap Salazar, Junior World Champion Performer of 2007 Aria Clemente, and the synchronized all-female Junior Group Vocal Champion of 2006 The Cercado Sisters (Almira, Selina, Mylene, Arlene). “Aside from being friends,” reported this section’s contributor Carlo Orosa, “the common thing about them was that they grew up knowing Charice. They have interesting stories to tell.”

Rhap, who is the closest to Charice, communicated with Charice before she left for Glee. Rhap: Ahm kahit po nasa States naman po siya nakakapagusap po kami sa Twitter. Mine-message ko tapos nagre-reply naman s’ya. Sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Congrats!’ Dati, nagsisimba kaming dalawa; ngayon napapanood ko na siya sa Glee, kasama pa niya si Lea Michelle.

Almira recalled the first time she met Charice: Naalala ko po noong bata pa ako nakalaban ko po siya sa Batang Kampeon; doon po kami naging magkaibigan. Before po, makulit po siya dahil batang-bata pa po, eh. Ngayon po walang pinagbago. Ang bait pa rin po niya. Makulit pa rin po. Hahahaha.
Seline: Na-invite kami sa WCOPA last year, tapos nagpunta kami sa condo ni Charice naglaro po kami doon, parang bata. Hahahaha! Kumain kami doon. Ang favorite Pinoy food ni Charice, pinakbet! At mahilig siya sa Mentos!

Aria Clemente: Nag-kasama kami una ni Charice sa Little Big Star; siya sa bigdivision, ako naman sa small division. I’m so proud of her nung nakita ko siya sa Glee at sana magtuloy-tuloy pa lalo ‘yung success niya.
Rhap added: Super proud ako nung nakita ko siya sa Glee! At saka sana puede ako mag-apply kahit back-up dancer niya.

Said Carlo, “Rhap is currently shooting a comedy film with Dolphy. Aria is the voice behind Malayo Pa Ang Umaga on the soundtrack of Agua Bendita and is currently being groomed by Star Magic. The Cercado sisters continue to do guestings, provincial and corporate shows here and abroad. All of them hope that someday they can all be together with Charice in one show.” via

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